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Add nested repeater after content population

  • I have a repeater field setup with various fields inside this. I have populated the site but after doing all of this, have now decided that this repeater should now actually be nested within a NEW parent repeater. I have set this up within ACF no problem but when I do this all the content that was already inputted is gone. This is because the postmeta structure has changed because the new parent repeater has been put in.

    I can see from looking in the database that all the meta_keys need updating to include the new parent repeater name and also I need to add some new rows to reference the new repeater and the meta_values.

    My question is, is there any way to quickly and efficiently update the database for the post with the original repeater to make the new parent nested repeater work without having to reinput all the content. My site has 150+ pages.

  • To correct something like this in the database you could.

    Do a search for all of the meta_name column and replace
    $old_meta_name with $new_meta_name
    '_'.$old_meta_name with '_'.$new_meta_name

    then search the meta_value column and replace
    $old_field_key with $new_field_key


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