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Add Jetpack (or native) Markdown support in ACFs

  • Just re-opening a decades old feature request that languished for reasons unknown to me and is now closed -> Add markdown support in custom fields.

    This is still an ongoing pain point for us and I would suspect anyone writing a lot of blog and page content in markdown. For blogs we use the native Content Editor with Jetpack Markdown support turned on. It becomes a confusing issue for any of our writers when this doesn’t work in all other ACF sections of our sites.

    Now that WP Engine has picked this plugin up, what are the chances of reviving this lack of Markdown support. Piggybacking off of Jetpack’s support theoretically seems the easiest to implement (although I see the instructions on Jetpack’s docs, are now only available on this page so not sure how viable it still is.

    Would also be happy with a built-in implementation (using Markdown Extra or Github-flavored Markdown) would be most compatible I would think.

  • Contact the developers or open a ticket in your account to submit feature requests. The developers do not frequent this forum.

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