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Add Image Field to CPT Archive?

  • hey all

    I was able to easily add an image field to a Taxonomy archive settings in WP, so I can define an image for each of my Taxonomy Terms (for displaying a hero image for each term on the front end)

    But can’t see a way doing this with the CPT Archive

    ACF has Taxonomy Term in the riles, but no CPT?

    any suggestions…it’s for 2 client projects and I’m really stuck !

    Thanks in advance

  • There isn’t an admin page for editing a post archive page of any kind. I’ve long felt that this is an over-site, but not one that will likely be corrected any time soon since.

    At any rate, the only way to have a way to edit items to show directly on these archive pages is to use an ACF Options Page. This requires either an add on or ACF Pro. Set the options page parent to the admin for the post type. Now create fields for this options page that you can get/show on the archive.

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