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Add Flexible Content and fields to post

  • I am setting up default posts when my theme is installed. It creates the post and returns the id but I have been unsuccessful in inserting the ACF Flexible Content. They do not have any example code or information on inserting Flexible Content in their documentation. I have created the code below but have been unsuccessful in my attempts.

    			"type" => "menu",
    			"subfields" => array(
    				'field_589ad3b3b6ccf'=>'menu', // wrapper_class
    				'field_589ad3b3b6cce'=>'menu', // wrapper_id
    				'field_589ad402b6cd1'=>'7', // menu_type
    				'field_59876063512cb'=>'left', // menu_alignment
    				'field_589ad3dcb6cd0'=>'2', // menu_selection
    				'field_589ad3b3b6ccd'=>'1' // menu_width
    	foreach($config as $field){
    		// There is no documentation on how to add the element to the initial field
                    // I need to add menu to field_589ad3b3b6ccd
    		foreach ($field['subfields'] as $sub){
    			// I have tried
    			add_row( 'field_589ad3b3b6ccd', $sub, $headerID );
    			// I have tried
    			add_sub_row( 'field_589ad3b3b6ccd', $sub, $headerID );
  • Documentation should be here:

    So, you need to know your flex-content fields’ field name too.

    For example, if your field_name is ‘page_blocks’, you’d do something like:

    foreach ($config as $index => $field) {
        foreach ($field['subfields'] as $key => $value) {
            add_sub_row(array('page_blocks', $index, $key), $value);

    p.s i haven’t tested yet.


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