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Add File -> Upload Files not working

  • Suddenly (WP 5.3.2 with ACF Pro 5.8.7), The Add File fuction is not working for a file field.

    I can choose from the media library, but when I click on Add Files, the area that should allow me to Choose File(s) or Drag/Drop is blank.

    Has anyone encountered this? If so, do you have any solutions?

    I know there could be a plugin conflict. I’m using Enhanced Media Library Pro, so I wonder if that could be an issue. However, I never had this problem in the past, and EML Pro has been active when there were no problems.

  • Nix that.

    It’s not just ACF having a problem with uploading media. I also cannot upload a new file from the edit window of a standard page or post. Again, I can choose from the Media Library, but the “Upload Files” tab is empty.

    I should have checked this before posting the original post. Sorry.

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