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"Add file" button does not work

  • On the edit page, when I go to the field that I have already set “add file”, I press the “add file” button and it does absolutely nothing, it does not open any window to add any file.
    The button does nothing.
    Before it worked, does anyone know what it could be?

  • I don’t really know, but i had a similar problem but it’s long time ago. I couldn’t add Media Files, button not working. I remember that deep in my HTML/PHP code I missed a closing tag in the Footer (yes, the footer, the last thing on earth). Fixing it, solved the problem. Don’t know why, but it fixed it. Maybe you have something like that?

  • I am looking in the “theme editor” within “appearance” and I don’t see that I have any errors within the php that I am looking at.
    I’ve also noticed that the “add object” button in the editor doesn’t work either.

  • I am currently not seeing any issues that you’ve mentioned. This could be a conflict with your theme or another plugin. For some reason the JaveScript on the page is not running correctly.

  • It’s almost certainly a JS conflict. You can troubleshoot it by switching to a theme like TwentyTwenty to see if the theme is where the conflict lies. If the problem persists, start deactivating plugins until the issue is resolved.

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