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Add Fields to Woocommerce Reviews Form

  • Hi,

    so far I have done only very simple things with ACF, and wonder if following is even possible. I know it is a more difficult and extensive questions with multiple steps. I really appreciate any input on one of them.

    I want to add some fields to the Woocommerce Reviews Form. Out of the Box it is just 5 Stars and a comment textfield.


    The shop sells books. I created a taxonomy for the characteristics of the book with terms like “thrilling”, “spooky”, “funny”, etc. When a user writes a review, in addition to the 5 Stars and comment, I want him to pick multiple of those terms, that descripe the book best in his opinion.

    When he sumbmits his Review I want the chosen terms to be displayed in his review.

    Above the reviews a summary is displayed with the average 5 Star ratings of all reviews. I would like to display the chosen Taxonomy terms of all reviews there, too. But only the three most used ones.

    The Users are already able to filter the Woocommerce shop with certain taxonomies. I would like those products to appear when you filter for one of those top 3 Terms in the summary.

    Thanks for your support!

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