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Add field to new media

  • I’d like to add a new field attached to any images I upload. On the “Add a New Post” screen, I’d like to click “Set Featured Image” (which displays the image library) and have the field contents there on the Attachment Details section (when you click an image, this appears on the right).

    Is this possible? I want to be able to edit the contents of the field on that “Featured Image” screen. My plan is to combine this with the “Media Library Assistant” plugin so I can use a shortcode to output that field at the end of my Post content.

    My original problem description is here, which may add more detail:

    Any pointers you could give as to whether this is possible, and how I could achieve this, would be appreciated.

  • Set the location rule of the field group to Attachment. This will add the fields to the medial editor.

  • Okay that worked, thanks.

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