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Add Field Group Order No. to a quick edit in Field Groups list

  • Use case: I have an options page with 8 field groups, numbered 0-7 in field group order. I need to add another one, and I want it to be the second one. Currently I have to open each field group (except for #0), requiring a page reload, and adjust the order numbers so that existing ones are now numbered 2-8, and of course I make my new field group #1, so it shows up 2nd after #0. This takes a while and a lot of page reloads.

    It would be SWEET if I could do this via a “quick edit” function. Even more cool if the Field Group title and Location Rules could be “quick edit-able” as well.

    Cheers and thank you a million times over for this most excellent and indispensable plugin!

  • Hi @susanlangenes,

    I believe you can use a negative value for the order. So, you only need to set the first field group to -1 and set the new one to 0.

    If you really want the “quick edit” feature, please contact [email protected] and describe the feature you want. Hope it will make it to the future updates 🙂

    I hope this helps.

  • Ah, of course! A negative value would be the easier route for the situation I described.

    Also it occurred to me that when creating field groups, if I initially number them with values like 10, 20, 30, etc, then I can more easily insert additional field groups in desired order w/o having to re-number all the rest.

    After I posted this I happened to discover the description field for field groups – never saw that before! So I could use that to indicate the order number as well as the location of the field group (if it’s not evident by the title) so I can quickly scan through the list of groups and get that kind of info without having to click on ‘edit’.

    Anyway thanks James, for your quick reply and suggestion. Cheers!

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