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Add field based on product quantity

  • How can i achieve this?

    I am selling event tickets. I want to collect the event attendees details (Name, Email, Phone) as well. Using WooCommerce, selling the tickets is easy. The problem is, the during checkout, the payment gateway just request for the buyer details only.

    This is fine if the buyer buys 1 ticket only. The problem is when buyer buys more than 1 ticket. For example, when buyer buys 3 tickets, I want before payment is done, I can collect the attendees name, email and phone based on the quantity of the tickets they choose.

  • You could use conditional fields, however, I am unaware of how this would work in ACF. I have done something like this with Gravity Forms though.

  • Can you teach me how to do it in Gravity Forms? I don’t mind as long as I can solve this.

  • Hi dzulfriday,

    Did you get this ? I need same requirement. if yes, could you tell the solution.

    Appreciate your support.


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