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Add & Edit Related Records

  • I’m building an events related site where we have three main CPTs (events, organizers, artists) which are linked via the Post Object field.

    Currently when I’m adding/editing an Event and I need to add a new Artist I have to leave the Event screen, go to the Artists screen, add the new artist and then go back to the Event screen, refresh the page and then select the newly added Artist. This takes me out of my existing workflow, it’s time consuming and frustrating.

    When I’m editing/adding an Event I’d like to be able to add a new Artist or edit an existing related Artist right from the Event edit screen.

    PODS have just released this amazing feature in 2.7 which greatly improves the editing flow. Watch the demo video at

    It would be awesome to have this feature or something similar in ACF and/or ACF PRO.

  • It looks like that plugin does post creation but not post editing/removing so it only solves half the problem.
    Do you know of a plugin that can add a new related post, edit and delete an existing related post. I’m after something like this Related Posts

    Thank you

  • You might want to ask the author. I was under the impression that the Pro version (premium) allowed editing as well, but I could be wrong. If that plugin doesn’t do it then there’s nothing available.

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