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Add data from previous field into new field

  • I’m using the repeatable field option, and it’s working great. Does anyone know if it’s possible to add data from the previous field?

    If I have a repeatable field with 3 custom fields. long short mini

    Have a corresponding field values with 4 22 33

    When I add the next repeatable field I want to add the data from the last repetable field. So the 4 22 and 33 should be automatically added to my next repeatable field?

  • Hi @malikox,

    Thanks for the post.

    I suppose you could try hooking into the acf/save_post and then update the next row using the update_sub_field() function.

    This will require some logic to check for the row numbers as selectors and then get the $new_value which will be populated via the said function.

    For more info on this function, you can have a look at the following resource page:

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