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Add custom field to 'the_content' in theme

  • Background:

    I’m using ACF Pro, Elementor Pro,, and Patron Pro by Codebard.

    Everything works great, except that Patron pro only gates ‘the_content’ and I need it to gate my actual content which is loaded into an ACF Gallery field.

    Post type = ‘web-galleries’
    Custom field name = ‘main_gallery’

    I believe it should be simple enough, but after looking through everything I can find online, I can’t get it to load without crashing my site. I am a programmer, not a coder. I can get by, but…

    Using the Hello Elementor Theme customized with templates for each post type. I was in functions.php from the theme trying to modify with code found here.

  • Code you are using might help explain. I am unclear how you are showing the content of the gallery field to begin with. Gallery fields usually require some coding.

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