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Add CSS class to images

  • Hello,

    I would like to add a CSS class on some images.
    I added a switch (true/false) on attachment and when the condition is true, the class should be added on the image.
    How can I do it?

    On functions.php I tried with something like this but doesn’t work:

    function image_tag_class($class) {
    	if (get_field( 'img_fullscreen')) {
    		$class .= ' full';
        return $class;
    add_filter('get_image_tag_class', 'image_tag_class' );
    function image_tag_class($class, $id, $align, $size) {
    	if (get_field( 'img_fullscreen', $id)) {
    		$class .= ' full';
        return $class;
    add_filter('get_image_tag_class', 'image_tag_class', 10, 4 );
  • Perfect.
    In case I update the post changing the value of the image already in the content (for example from true to false), is there a way to update the image value so in this way the css class added before is deleted?


  • As far as I know, the hook you’re working with is only run when an image is added to the tinymce editor. There would be no way to alter previously added image tags unless you delete them and then add them in again. To keep them up to date with some setting you’d need to filter “the_content” similar to the way WP filters the content images to make them responsive.

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