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Add ACF to woocommerce order & admin emails…

  • I am taking payment for class registrations so used ACF so I could add extra fields to my products like start date and instructor. I use a product table plugin to display all my classes with my acf’s in a list. Now I would like those 2 acf fields to also show up on the order emails, something like this I found on the woocommerce – gravity forms addon page.

    Is there a preferred easy method / plugin?

    Thanks for any advice or links!

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  • Hi there,
    Did you find a solution to display your ACF to your admin email ?
    I would like to add the same to my website
    Thank’s a lot

  • Same here. I haven’t found a solution yet.

    Looks like I’ll have to add it manually. It would be pretty powerful though, to add ACF fields to any WooCommerce email template easily.

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