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  • Hi there,

    I’m really new to ACF, I just startet my first project with ACF.

    On the website of a little german open air stage ( I’m using ACF for the same layout of the plays; there are over 200 plays since 1947. This is working verry good.

    Now I want to create an actor database – profile pages of every active actors, like as example

    So my questions are 2:

    #1: question 1

    I created a new field-set

    -> selection menu with a list of every play since 1947 until today

    role name
    -> simple text-field

    In the output I would have it like:

    (1993) Don Camillo & Peppone – as villager
    (1999) My Fair Lady – as innkeeper
    (2015) Peter Pan – as Peter Pan

    field play-name => (1993) Don Camillo & Peppone
    field role name => villager

    How can I connect these two fields?

    #2: question 2

    An actor can play several rolles in one year – for example in 2 or 3 different play’s in a year. So I need a repeated query for the 2 fields – see above. I need the field-set like

    (1993) Don Camillo & Peppone – as villager > ADD-BUTTON

    click on the ADD-button … I’ll get a fresh new complete option, to add a new entry.

    Is this possible with ACF ???

    Greetings from Germany from Tobias

  • Topic solved, I found another solution with ACF

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