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acf/save_post issue/alternatives

  • I’m having an issue with this hook acf/save_post as when I create my function it goes through various logic checks. On occasion if it does not meet conditions and I exit the function, it will save a post, but no field data information will be passed.

    What I would like is for the function to die, or not to create these extra empty posts. Is there another function I can use? Would acf/pre_save_post be a better option? I’m just not sure why its creating these empty post entries with no data.

  • Hi @ahowell1

    acf/save_post is essentially just a hook that replicates wp cores save_post which runs after a post has been initially saved.

    So when you’re hooking into that and try to abort a save you’re actually not preventing the post from being saved.

    Is this a front-end form you’re using to create posts with?

  • Thanks for the help, yes, its a front end form. Is there a hook that triggers before the post is inserted into the database?

  • Although it doesn’t particularly solve my problem as I wanted I guess adding the wp_delete_post($post_id) under failed conditionals will get rid of the empty posts, if otherwise, someone can correct me on that. Should I also add it in the condition that checks if $_POST['acf'] is empty before the return?

  • I think you need to supply more information or try to help yourself finding hooks in the WordPress codex.

    To help you along, regarding a hook on a new post insertion, you can use ‘wp_insert_post’:

    function wp_insert_post_hook( $post_ID, $post, $update )
    	$some_condition = true;
    	if ( $some_condition )
    		wp_delete_post( $post_ID );
    add_action( 'wp_insert_post', 'wp_insert_post_hook', 10, 3 );
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