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ACF's Dynamic Maths Calculations

  • Hi there i have been using ACFs for a while now and loving it alongside elementor.

    two of my fields (e.g. old_price and new_price) are numerical and i want to create a dynamic sum that is able to take the value for old_price and take it away from the new_price (giving me the amount saved).

    I would like this to be done dynamically as the values change for each product comparison.

    Any help on plugins that are able to perform this function ?

  • You probably won’t find much help here unless there is another elementor user that also uses ACF, has done this and sees your posts.

    Your best chance of getting help will be from other elementor users of the developer of that plugin.


    Documentation here:

    The calculations will be done on the front end AND the backend, and the results will be saved in an ACF numeric field. As a result, you can export the data to a spreadsheet for example, and the calculated results will be included. Look at the examples and documentation, the possibilities are endless, including calculating repeater fields.

    Also, you can perform the calculations within Meta boxes or ACF Gutenberg Blocks, your choice…

    Note: I am very biased towards this plugin, as I’m listed as a contributor.

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