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ACF+Gravity Forms

  • Have spent 2 days trying to link ACF/GF – feel like I’m a cm from the answer but run out of ideas. Searched for answers and have moved forward but…

    Trying to build a form that takes in details of Meeting Minutes and stores them. Data is being loaded but cannot get it appearing back in the WP Admin.

    GF and ACF images here

    If I load through the WP Admin, the fields are retained in the Admin view.

    Would appreciate any help please.

  • Got it! Needed to use get_field, not get_post_custom_values.

    But still not updating the WP Admin fields?

  • Hi @rdell

    What do you mean by But still not updating the WP Admin fields??

    Perhaps you could remove all the potential variables from your code and simply try to use the update_field to save a value to a post. Once you have got this working, you can then go back to your GF filter and do some debugging. Make sure you are saving the correct data by first debugging the data you are attempting to save.


  • Received a note to not duplicate posts. I didn’t! I’d closed this one when I then realised it hadn’t worked. The 2nd post contained a new link.

    Anyway, what I meant was: Having loaded the fields with GF (& I know they’re loading as I have a Page Template that displays them), if I go into the Edit Minutes page I’d expect to see the stored values in the field panel? I do if I store the fields using WP/ACF without GF. So I seem to be missing something?

  • A breakthrough! Having seen another post comment, I changed the ACF date & file fields to Text and the values passed through and are visible in the backend.

    It works, but is this the best way of achieving this? It means that the GF form does the validation work before storing the ACF fields as text. If I use the WP backend to add Minutes, I’d need to enter text without the date/file validation that those field-types give?

  • Hi @rdell

    What is the value that GF saves for the file field?
    Does GF save an ID, or a string url?

    ACF only saves / loads an ID. So if you are seeing a url value saved, this is why ACF does not recognize the value when as a file field type.

    I don’t understand your second question, sorry.


  • It’s working by saving the string url. As it’s a text filetype, then I can’t use the File ACF feature to validate data in the backend. But no problem.

    Love the plugin, thanks.

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