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acf_register_block_type() multiple => false not working

  • hi,
    am i doing something wrong or is there a bug in 5.8.0 with multiple=>false?

    my block works fine, but adding to acf_register_block_type params array “‘multiple’ => false,” doesn’t change anything – I can still add multiple instances of same block on same page, while in my scenario it’s not desirable

  • ‘multiple’ => false works fine with me… WP 5.2, ACF 5.8.

    Make sure you have it in the supports array, here is an example:

    ‘supports’ => array( ‘customClassName’ => false, ‘align’ => false, ‘mode’ => false, ‘multiple’ => false,),

  • same setup and only newest versions.
    maybe important – acf pro 5.8 loaded as part of other plugin
    nothing else installed

    to be sure – when “false” and I have already one block of defined type, i shouldn’t see this block and be able to choose it when adding new blocks on same post. right?

  • ‘supports’ => array( ) – that was it, thanks!

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