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acf_form working for new cpt but not showing content area.

  • Hi

    Firstly, I use acf a lot and have the premium repeater plugin, so thanks for both they are great.

    I have a front end form, using acf_form(), to allow visitors the ability to create a note for the site admin (similar to comments I guess).

    The form works and creates the new cpt in the database and I can view it in admin and in templates.

    However, although the field group shows each field as form inputs, I dont know how to get the default Content field for the cpt to do the same. I checked the page html and the input for the content exists but has css saying “display:none;”

    I have read all the docs and forum posts but cant see where to tell the acf_form() to also print (and show) the inputs for the Title and Content, are these a special field group id? or is there some other argument I need to set?

    Many thanks for any help.

  • Hi

    BTW I’m using version 4 of the plugin. I just noticed on v5 there are arguments for acf_form allowing you to specify whether post_content or post_title are displayed.

    Does this mean you cannot do this in v4?

  • It seems that the post content and title in v4 are not available to front end forms by default.

    However, Jakes answer in this Stack Exchange question fixes that…

    Anyway, this works for v4 – I have no idea how v5 may do this. Maybe the author can advise?

    Also why cant I find any documentation on the acf function register_field_group ??

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