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acf_form() validation clashing with Stripe

  • Hello,

    I was trying to add custom validation to my front end ACF form. Only one field (email) in my form was showing proper validation errors upon clicking submit. Any other validation on my form was not displaying until after the form was submitted, onto its own “Validation Failed” error page. This for has Stripe integrated into it. One thing I noticed, was if I commented out the wp_enque for Stripe’s js script then the form would fully validate upon hitting submit as opposed to only one field validating. I have tried different hooks, but I cannot seem to figure out if I am missing some certain script configurations to get them both to work or if there is a way I can get both to co-operate.


  • Hey!

    Im currently working on a project where I want to implement Stripe to a ACF Form, but dont really know how to do it. Do you have any help to offer? Would be great 🙂

  • @byates2019

    Whenever you get the error page instead the error message for validation the cause of this is either a JavaScript error or a PHP error during the AJAX request. If it works without the stripe script but fails with it then the likely cause of this is an error caused by that script and you need to figure out what that error is and correct it.


    As far as implementaion goes, I can’t really help you here, but maybe @byates2019 will reply.

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