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ACF_FORM uses default "Add Row" in repeater field

  • Hi all,
    I’m using an acf_form() on the front-end including a repeater field to update some content in a Custom Post Type.
    So far so good!
    But I have changed (in the back-end) the default button label for a repeater field from ‘Add Row’ to ‘Add talent’, because that is what the repeater field is all about.
    On the front-end however, it keeps showing the default label ‘Add Row’ and not the changed button label I have on the back-end. Strange.

    I really want it to show ‘Add talent’ on the front-end.
    Is there any way to get this done?

  • I just tested this on a test site and the repeater add button on the front end form is displaying what I’ve entered in the back end.

    The first thing I would suspect is that there is some type of caching causing the issue. Clear your browser cache and check any caching plugins that you’re using.

    The next suspect would be interference from another plugin or the them.

  • John,

    I’ve added another ACF_FORM on the same page, also with a repeater field. And this time that button shows the text I’ve entered in the back-end.
    So my conclusion is that there is no interference with any other plugin or the theme (I use the default Genesis Child theme).
    Maybe when I change the position of the first ACF_FORM on the page.
    (Hmmm, sounds crazy, but I’m going to try it.)
    Nope, didn’t work.
    I’m confused.
    There is no argument like 'addrow_value' => 'Whatever text you want' in the arguments array when calling an act_form($array) is there?

  • Haha, problem solved!!!

    It is a pretty complex Field Group I’m working on. And every now and then I make a copy of it, set it to inactive, and keep working on the original one.
    But this leads to confusion when using ACF_FORM because all field-id’s are the same between my original and copied inactive Field Groups.

    It seems like ACF_FORM does not take in account inactive Field Groups.

    So I deleted all my copies, after backing them up, and now I only have 1 Field Group to work with.

    All changes I do now, are immediately reflected in the ACF_FORM.
    And now my ‘Add Row’ button shows ‘Add Talent’.


  • Hello
    How can I use this plugin to make this variable text? Can anyone guide me? Should I use a repeater field?

  • Hello
    How can I use this plugin to make this variable text? Can anyone guide me? Should I use a repeater field?

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