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acf_form string translation doesn't work

  • Hallo everyone,

    i have a problem with acf_form and the wpml since i used the settings Field Groups -> Translated.

    I am using strings to the placeholders to be translated in all the languages but the filter doesn’t work to the other languages instead of the default one (German).

    If you check the images you will realize that not all the fields are translated only the Field type Group which are used as a parent to the other ones are working correctly with the translation.

    Please i would like to assist me because the project is one step before we delivery it and this bug get us crazy at least two days now.

    Thank you!

    Here is an example of the filter code ->

    add_filter(‘acf/load_field/name=cv_name’, [self::class, ‘name’], 10, 3);

    static function name($field)


    $field[‘placeholder’] = __(‘Name *’, ‘consileon’);

    return $field;


    Settings ->

    Field Groups: Translated

    * Translate themes and plugins using WPML’s String Translation and always load .mo files as backup

    * Assume that all texts in PHP strings are in English

    Versions ->

    WP Version 4.8.2

    ACF Version 5.6.2

    WPML Version 3.8.2

    WPML String Version 2.6.2

    WPML Translation Management Version 2.4.1

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