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acf_form render inside content.

  • Hi,

    Good day

    I just want to know if their is a way to render acf_form inside the content. Purpose is that I can position the form where ever I call the acf_form.

    Same functionality with

    the_content() => get_the_content()

    acf_form() => get_acf_form()

    I am planning on using this functionality on visual composer. So the acf_form/get_acf_form will be rendered when you add an custom visual composer element for ACF Form.

    Not sure if its doable.

    Hope to hear any suggestions and solutions.


  • Whenever I need to have output returned rather than echoed and there is no function for getting the value I need, my goto method is output buffering.

      $acf_form = ob_get_clean();
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