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acf_form() frontend validation for non logged in users

  • Hi, I managed to build a front end form with acf_form(). The form itself is a basic questionnaire consisting of text areas and select fields that stores submissions as new custom posts. Some of the fields are required. Everything works fine, the form looks great and submissions are saving but I noticed that validation is different depending if the user is logged in or not. For logged in users the form does an ajax validation, just like it does when working with acf on the back-end. However, for non logged in users, if a validation error occurs, the page redirects to an error page printing the validation errors. I’d like to use the ajax validation for non logged in users as well.

    Is there something I am missing? I’ve been searching the docs and the forums but I couldn’t find any issue like this. I don’t want to custom validate each field, only if required fields are filled in or not.

    Thanks in advanced,


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