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acf_form front end dropdown problem

  • Hello,

    I’m having an issue with front end form created with acf_form.

    The form is supposed to create a new post type and is using a group field that includes a relation/post field.

    When clicking the post select dropdown i get an error “Loading failed”.

    Looking at the consolle there are no errors but I see that the request is made to the url of the page is itself. The complete html page is returned as a response.
    I guess the request should be made to wp_ajax_url, right?

    Could you please assist?

    This is the live url with the form :


  • some more information:

    as i guessed the ajaxurl is not passed correctly

    If i run the following script inside the page i get a NULL response:

  • found the problem.. my footer was missing a call to wp_footer() function

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