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acf_form() exclude field instructions and title?

  • Is it possible to exclude a fields instructions and title on a front end acf_form() ?

  • Why would you want to exclude the field label and instructions? How will anyone know what the field is for?

    But the answer is, yes, you probably can by using an acf/prepare_field filter and setting $field['label'] and $field['instructions'] to an empty string.

    Or you can add some custom CSS to the front of your site to hide them.

  • How will anyone know what the field is for?
    The simple answer is, they don’t need to.
    Why? Because I know what it is for.

    For example, I have 1000 custom posts that all need a value.
    It is much easier to add this value on the front end. Otherwise I have to open, change and update each individual post in the back-end which would take forever.
    As I know what the field does, a title and long instruction field offer nothing but clutter.

    I’d even recommend down the line you add a filed_instructions/field_title = false to the array options.

    Thanks for the help, but for now, I’ve just removed them via css. I just don’t like loading stuff I don’t use.

  • Well, I can’t really add anything, I’m just a user like you except that I help here on this forum. You can try submitting a feature request here, but as this would probably be considered an edge case I don’t know if it is something that’s likely to happen.

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