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acf_form errors

  • Situation:
    – WordPress 3.9.1 (last version) installed in a subdirectory like
    – Using WPML 3.1.6 (last version)
    – acf_form called from a template page
    – ACF 5.0.3 (last version)

    – return url converted to
    – Labels can’t be translated.

  • Hi @Pau Cap贸

    Thanks for the bug report.
    I’ll take a look at the url issue shortly, however, which labels cna’t be translated? All of them?

  • I’m refering to the form labels, to use with WPML. It’s not a bug by itself 馃槈

  • Hi @Pau Cap贸

    Thanks mate, however all ACF fields can be translated in WPML, so I am a bit lost.
    Are you talking about the ‘the_title’ and ‘the_content’ fields which can’t be translated?

  • @Pau: The form labels in backend (if you are talking about these) are added dynamically and translated in context of the WordPress ‘default’ domain.

    A possible solution for you could be to use a translated version of the whole fieldgroup/fields and adjust the labels there.

    There is currently no way to find these labels with an automated tool like WPML theme/plugin scanner.

    More about wrong/bad textdomain in ACF here.

    A solution for WPML automated scanner could be 1.) an own textdomain for these labels, e.g. acf_label and 2.) a dynamic creation of a .php file in a path where WPML theme/plugin scanner would find them which contains all the used labels in default language like e.g. $label = __('Label 1', 'acf_label') = __('Label 2', 'acf_label') = __('Label 3', 'acf_label') ...

  • @thomask, thank’s! If the labels are translated in WP context I can solve it in others ways.

    : don’t worry, it’s not a bug.

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