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acf_form() add image js error

  • I’m using acf_form() to allow a specific role (a copy of author’s capabilities) to edit its own post on the frontend.

    Everything is fine but the image cf: it display the current image (previously set on the wp-admin) and if you click the edit (pencil) you can modify it but if you remove it (x) and then click the “add image” link this error shows up:

    Uncaught TypeError: e.parent.find is not a function

    So I set true the SCRIPT_DEBUG and the error is here:

    args.parent.find is not a function

    I want to use the wp version (not the basic).
    I already tried to add wp_enqueue_media(); and acf_enqueue_uploader(); before the headers but no luck.
    For the record, the “add media” button on the post content works.

    Am I missing something?
    Any help would be much appreciate, thanks.

  • I solved it, for future references: the theme was using a custom compiled version of jquery with god knows what plugins embedded in it, removed and replaced with a clean version everything works fine now.

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