• Hello,
    IF I understand this will change much with ACF5.
    I was interested by one add-on ACF4.
    I like to know if you have an idea of prices for the add-on full ACF5?
    What will be the policy paid upgrade:
    1 website or unlimited?
    One year or unlimited?
    with supported or unsupported?

    integration with bbpress and soon buddPress?


  • Hi,
    No response after a week for a pre-sale question?
    This is not the right section?

  • I am too wandering about these questions, i really like the product and I want to buy addons but now i don’t because i’m unsure about ACF5

  • It’s obvious to me that the developer hasn’t made up his mind yet. I’ll be very disappointed if the current conditions will change but, maybe, this will be an opportunity for other developers.

  • HI,
    When a developer is not responding.
    I think it is a bad signal
    I am only interested in one single plugin, I do not mind paying a pack. but it does not have to have too much price difference

  • I dont mind paying. I want all 4 addons but dont want to buy them all for acf4 and then pay again for acf5 if its out the next day… that will be a waste of money

  • The latest news regarding ACF5 tends to appear on Twitter before anywhere else, I sometimes check Elliot’s feed to keep abreast of things like this.

  • Aaah just read the good news! Today is the launch :))))) thanks! I don’t do twitter….

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