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ACF5 Revision Label (Easy & Important Fix)

  • Dear ACF Team,

    I believe the labels for ACF in the revision pages needs to be fixed.

    Right now, all ACF fields show only the “Field Name”, which most of the time contains underscores.

    This can be improved by adding both “Field Label” and “Field Name” in the revision (see image below)

    <h3>Field Label</h3>
    <small>Field Name</small>

    This will help content editors to quickly understand which field they are editing, instead of trying to figure out which is which. And the reason for adding both Label and Name is because sometimes some people do not put Field Label for appearance purposes. Hence adding both is crucial.

    Refer to the image below:

  • ACF is not loaded on the revision page. What you’re seeing is what WP shows for all custom fields which is the meta key and ACF doesn’t have anything to do with what you’re seeing.

  • Oh,

    My bad then. However, it is still crucial to get those implemented in the revisions page. At it stands now, the revision page is not very readable with field_names.

    Especially for non-technical staffs.

  • I did a bit of looking and I can’t find much information on modifying the revision page. If you really need to get this done I’d suggest opening wp-admin/revision.php and start looking for hooks that will let you change it. From the reading I’ve done this morning it seems that this page does not work the same was as other admin pages.

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