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acf5 pro – field value wont save

  • hi there,

    i created an image field for pages.
    the value wont be stored. just randomly it got saved once.

    there is this qtranslate plugin installed and i tried to blame it on it
    but even after uninstalling it values wont get saved.

    2nd thing – there are “normal custom fields” stored – i can change them and they got stored.

    any idea what can be the reason for not let me store values?

    this is driving me nuts.

  • Our studio is currently facing the same issue and we are working on pinpointing the source of the problem.

    To help solve the issue, we will need more information:
    – ACF version
    – WP version
    – Installed / Active WP plugins
    – Installed / Active WP themes

    You can do some general debugging as well:
    – Does field data save if you have a default theme (TwentyFourteen) active?
    – Does field data save if you disable ALL other plugins?

    Here is a sample report for our current debug site:

    * Core: WP v4.0
    * Theme: Enfold 3.0.1
    * Plugins:

    • Admin Columns 2.2.9
    • ACF Pro 5.1.3
    • Duplicate Post 2.6
    • FacetWP 1.4.3
    • Gravity Forms 1.8.19
    • iThemes Security 4.4.23
    • Publish and Redirecto To Add New Post 1.5
    • Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget 2.5.11
    • Redirection 2.3.10
    • SearchWP 2.3.4b3
    • WordPress SEO 1.6.3
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