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ACF5 or ACF4.x for a new project?

  • Elliot,

    I am going to Start a new project : do u suggest to Start directly ACF 5 or to have something more stable and secure to use ACF 4.x with Classic ‘pro’ addons (repeater, …).

    If the answer is the second, then when i want to migrate to acf 5.x i will have to re-buy a new full license?


  • Depends on if your using any addon fields from the WP repository and if those addons have been updated to support ACF5.

    I can’t answer the question about the license.

    If it me and I was buying now, I’d buy ACF5 and avoid the broken addons.

  • Elliot,

    I’ve started a couple new sites already with ACF5 and haven’t had any problems.

    I use ACF on these sites to create detailed custom post types that handle image uploads, file attachments, WYSIWYG editors, select fields, date pickers, etc.

    I’ve also upgraded a couple sites to ACF 5 and have been happy.

  • You’ve been lucky 🙂 there are a couple of sites I have that I cannot update to ACF5 because I’m using a some of the addons in the WP repo that haven’t been updated. Pretty popular ones so I’m hoping that will change when ACF5 is officially released. Not sure what I’ll do if they aren’t. I’d say that I’ll end up doing it myself but that all depends on time… until some future WP core update breaks ACF4, then it’ll be a mad scramble 😛

  • Hi guys

    I would recommend that you use ACF PRO for new projects. Feedback and testing is proving the new version is very stable and contains many many new features which will make development faster and easier!

    Hi @Hube2

    Field type compatibility for ACF5 is an easy 5 minute project. If your up for it, why not grab the repo’s code and make a v5 version. You can read over the doc here:

  • Thanks…in fact my main concer is about stability, as this is a new (very) major release.

    So Elliot if you confirm this I will go for ACF PRO.


  • Angelo – sorry man! I called you Elliot above.

    I’ve still had no issues with my ACF 5 Pro sites. I have one CPT that has about 20 ACF fields assigned to it taking text, images and file uploads. Works great.

    – kyler

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