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  • I’m not entirely sure what happens behind when using WPML plugin with ACF. I have such situation:
    1. I create custom ACF for pages and mark them translatable.
    2. This creates same custom ACF but for secondary language, I can change those ACF separately by switching language in admin panel.
    3. I create a new page and fill my ACF fields with content. When I switch language to secondary language, WPML creates duplicate copy of first page and creates relation to that page with primary language right? Same happens with my ACF fields, I’m filling the content of complete separate ACF fields which are duplicates created from my initial ACF fields (primary language), when I selected option to make them translatable.

    Now, let’s suppose that I didn’t select “make translatable” when creating ACF fields. I can do that while creating new page right? For that specific page I can select specific fields, or whole ACF fields for that page translatable. Will that be exact same thing which I did before, but under different window and only for this specific page? What If I make another page and under page options I select make translatable again? Will that create yet another duplicate for that ACF fields, or it will use duplicates created from the first translated page?

    And one more situation. What if I create ACF fields, select them translatable, create new page, fill in those ACF fields, switch to different language, fill in ACF fields again, and then delete secondary language ACF fields. I’ve done this and it seems like even though I have everywhere selected option “not translatable” there are still translated ACF fields for secondary language page.

    I understand that my examples might be too confusing or too broadly described, but any clarification how WPML and ACF work together behind the scenes is very appreciated. Thanks!

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