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ACF + WPML values not being saved

  • Hi all,

    I’m creating a multilanguage site with ACF for the first time. I’m working with ACF for a long time now, but this whole WPML + ACF is new for me.

    I followed all the steps setting up acf multilingual, but my values are not being saved.

    I created a simple text field where you can fill in a Car brand. The field shows up in both languages EN and NL but as soon as I fill in a brand i.e Audi and save my page, after a refresh the value is gone. (this works for both languages).

    Am I doing something wrong here?

    Both ACF and WPML are on there latest versions.

    I created a new website with a clean install of ACF and WPML, did everything from the tutorial: and but this result in the same issue.

    — Jochem

  • Hi

    I got the same issue, the fields show up as they should but nothing is saved. Did you figure this out?

    Thanks in advance for any help!


  • Not yet. I’ve been searching for a while but did not find a solution.

    I have to say, ACF is a great plugin. But the support here from the developers on this forum is terrible…

  • Hey Jochem!

    It seems I got it to work. What did the trick för me was switching all the alternatives under ‘WPML -> Translation management page’ from ‘Do nothing’ to ‘Translate’. See attached image(in swedish but i think it’s clear anyhow).

    Hope it helps!

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