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ACF + WPML: Translate fields but copy field status

  • Hi ACF team

    Your plugin is doing a great job on our website. But there is one thing that I cannot get working.

    – I have some woocommerce products
    – I allready translated the products from Dutch to English
    – After that I added a couple of ACF fields to the product page. To be exactly: radio buttons. I added them at both languages and I translated them too.

    What do I want to achieve:
    The radio buttons are there so I can let the admin user select, when a product is out of stock, when the product is in stock again. So the admin user can select a month a month part and a year.
    I want to achieve that the admin user has to fill in the radio buttons at one language. So the other language will sync the radio button status.

    But that’s the problem.
    At the bottom of the admin product page I can change some WPML settings. For example the ACF field month I can select:
    – Don’t translate
    – Copy
    – Copy once
    – Translate

    When I choose translate, the translation is fine but the radio button status isn’t synced between both languages
    When I choose copy, the radio buttons are synced between both languages, but there is no translation

    Can you tell me how I can sync en translate at the same time? Is it even possible?

    I hope I hear you soon.

    Best regards,

  • Is the problem resolved?

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