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ACF, WPML and custom user meta

  • Hello!

    I am using ACF on my website, and one of my field groups applies to users, everything has been fine for now.
    Until I installed WPML and tried to get the custom user fields translated.
    I have tried playing with the various settings between ACF and WPML, it didn’t work, so I followed this tutorial: No luck.
    It seems that the fields in the various languages are sharing the same database entry so I can’t translate them, they don’t duplicate as they should. I set up the field groups to be translatable, though, and renamed the labels (but didn’t change the field name, as suggested in the video). Whenever switching languages the label changes, but the value is overwritten.
    Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong?


  • Hi @claire

    This is probably not a bug but a configuration issue.

    When working with WPML the easiest workflow is to create your field group in the default language and then use the ‘Duplicate’ tool to create a duplicate field group in the new language. You can then edit the field’s label, settings but the field’s name must remain constant across all translations.

    You can take a look at the following tutorial on this here:

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