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ACF Woocommerce Product Images Field

  • Hi,

    I am trying to add a custom parameter via ACF field to my Woocommerce product images, for example selecting “Rose Gold” from a dropdown on the Woocommerce Product Page Gallery upload/select section.

    I have managed to do this via ACF Location -> Attachments. It shows up in the correct place, and saves the value I set.

    I then call this via product-image.php child theme override, and it doesn’t work. I have entered a simple string, and the override works correctly, however the ACF field will not display.

    Is ACF initialised on the product-image.php page?

    I’ve attached the code.


  • Damn, my attachments didn’t attach! Sorry!

  • The field is attached to the image, not the post so you must supply the image ID here

    $the_field('product_image_metal_type', $image_id);
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