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ACF v.5.8.4 messes with WooCommerce weight field

  • So, I’ve just clicked update on ACF and now I can’t change weight values in WooCommerce (this is the only plugin an update has been installed for). The field is automatically populated with ‘5614808’. If you change it the value will just change back to the number I mentioned. It shows as this random value on the front end as well (always the same on each product).

    Disabling ACF fixes the issue, but that’s not really useful when you’re on a deadline and can no longer input product weights.

    What’s also great is the ability to download a previous version of the plugin has gone from your site! Well, the page has no previous versions on it actually.

    Can someone provide me with a download of the previous version, or perhaps fix the issue? Either would be great…

    WordPress version: 5.2.3
    WooCommerce version: 3.7.0

  • Yes, same problem here! Please fix.

  • When editing a product, the weight and length fields get automatically populated by ACF. All with random numbers like ‘57083534’. When using quick edit this doesn’t happen.

  • In the new update this still isn’t fixed! Please ACF….

  • I’ve just tested this and I’m not seeing any issue with the weight field in WC.

    What could cause this?

    Possible Answer:
    You have created a field with the name “weight” in ACF. The field name that is used by WC is “_weight”. ACF uses the meta key of “_weight” to store the ACF field key reference for this “weight” field. The random number you are seeing is probably the numeric portion of ACF’s field key for the field.

    Possible Solution:
    Rename the ACF field and avoid using field names that exist in plugins used on your site when attaching them to WP objects that use those fields.

  • For anyone running into this issue, the solution John Huebner presented was my problem. I changed the meta key for my ACF weight and it worked perfectly.

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