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ACF + User Generated Content Plugin?

  • Hi Folks,

    I’m looking for plugins for allowing users to create content that also integrate with ACF. There are a lot of options out there for plugins that manage UGC, but it seems that most aren’t compatible with ACF in the sense that you can’t (without coding) add ACF fields to them.

    There are some I have found that are ACF integrated such as ACF Form Builder by Cat’s Plugins, but I’m wondering what other options are available…


  • Hi Dave..

    Would the ability to use shortcodes to get ACF field data be helpful? It’s built into ACF.. and many tools allow for shortcodes… not sure if that feels like a good solution to you… I am interested to see what you you come up with..

  • never mind.. I misunderstood UGC… you mean a front end form? ACF has that as well.

  • Yes, I meant a Front End Form, but also more than that. e.g., most UGC solutions offer the ability to control whether anonymous or only registered users can submit content, put the content into a review area if desired so it isn’t instantly published, allow edits later down the road by the initial submitter, etc.

  • Hey guys, wondering on status here. I’m new to using WP for UGC. The all-in-one solution (CPTs, taxonomies, and forms) looks like ToolSet. But it seems you could also use something like WP User Front End (WPUF) or PAFE (which is elementor specific) to build front end forms that create / update CPT entries. WPUF seems to be the main player in front-end UGC forms. Wondering if the ACF team recommends them, or something else. Thanks guys!

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