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acf-to-rest image on categories

  • I am working with Advanced custom fields, where I add an image selector for categories in wp – But I can’t see the data in my JSON response for categories? I have tried to use several plugins to do the same, but That haven’t worked either –

    I am using ACF to rest plugin to include acf fields in the response, which works fine on custom post types – where it creates an array field called “acf” This field is not created in my categories though – Am i missing a function to use it in taxonomies?

    examples. (a custom post type)
    returns everything including acf. (a taxonomy)
    returns all of the categories, but nothing about acf (a single category)
    returns the category but nothing about acf.[0] (way of getting all embedded stuff)
    Does not show acf

    Hope that you can put me on the right path.

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