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ACF TinyMCE Color Picker

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to change the color picker palette of the ACF WYSIWYG instance but can’t seem to manage it. I’ve read through the “Customize the WYSIWYG toolbars” article but I’m not sure how to change a plugin of the TinyMCE instance.

    Any ideas on how I should proceed? What’s the best method to add custom code to the ACF TinyMCE that won’t be removed when it’s updated?


  • Hi @jamesjames

    Thanks for the question.

    You can make use of the wysiwyg_tinymce_settings filter to customize these settings.

    The code will look like so:

    acf.add_filter('wysiwyg_tinymce_settings', function( mceInit, id ){
    	// do something to mceInit
    	// return
    	return mceInit;

    I hope this helps.

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