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ACF Theme

  • Hi !

    I just love the ACF Website Theme …
    I’m trying to find that kind of theme design for my own website , is anybody here have a link to one that looks like ACF one ?

    thanks a lot !


  • Looking at the theme’s style sheet this appears to be a custom theme built by the developer. At a guess I’d say that it’s not available anywhere.

  • MMhhh , thanks a lot John 🙂

    I’ve already noticed that the ACF theme was a custom one… it looks like a bootstrap child theme…

    Trying to find that kind of ‘minimalist’ responsive bootstrap theme… have to search again !

    btw thanks again !

    cheers 🙂

  • I duc around in it as much as I could. I know it uses one of the starter themes, maybe _S, it’s one of the starter themes that includes SASS I think, if that helps.

  • Re,

    Thanks a lot @hube2 , will take a look on _S , don’t know it …

    keep the good Job !


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