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ACF & Templatic Tevolution Are Not Playing Nice

  • Hey there ACF support forum, I’m hoping that someone can shine some light on a problem I’m having.

    I have installed the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin into a ‘Templatic’ theme.
    They use an add-on plugin called ‘Tevolution’ that gives the majority of their themes additional functionality like adding custom post types and adding custom fields. Once custom post types and fields are created, a user can then use them to ‘submit a listing’ or ‘submit an event’ through a front-end signup form (if you have “listing” & “event” enabled as post types).

    Unfortunately, their custom fields plugin blows balls (in a bad way) compared to ACF.

    So, I’ve added the ACF plugin and all is well except for the small little problem that I’m not able to view/utilize any of the fields I create in their front end forms.

    I wish I knew more about coding than I do because I need some real help with this.

    Are there any suggestions for how we can make this plugin/theme see/utilize the custom fields generated by this plugin to be used in their pre-templated, front end forms and fields?

    Any advice would be great.

  • Hi @chaismeyer

    This is a tough question to answer without first seeing your theme’s code.
    I’m sure that ACF will work to display it’s field groups int the back end for any of your custom post types.

    You will need to customize the page template to display any ACF data. This is all documented in the getting started chapter in the docs.

    I don’t think ACF fields will appear or work with any front end forms. This would require much custom code to integrate.


  • Hey there @elliot,

    Do you (or someone on your team) provide custom coding support in exchange for $$? I’d be interested in having this integration take place.


  • Hi @chaismeyer

    No, this is strictly support. Please feel free to find and use a freelance jop board for such work.


  • I spen a lot of time to find out desicion.
    The reason – Templatic use remove_all_actions(‘posts_where’) frequently.

    There are 2 function conflict with ACF

    function get_post_admin_custom_fields_templ_plugin



    function fetch_heading_per_post_type

    After remove_all_actions(‘posts_where’) you need add ACF filter again
    add_filter(‘posts_where’, ‘wp_posts_where’, 20, 2 );

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