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ACF Taxonomy Repeater – Get Name

  • I have a repeater in Woocommerce categories where the admin can select categories.

    I have chosen Term ID and can output the chosen image and URL, but I can’t seem to get the term name.

    I’ve tried;

    <?php echo esc_html( $post_id->name ); ?>
    <?php woocommerce_page_title($post_id); ?>
    <?php echo $post_id->cat_name; ?>
    <?php echo '<p>'. get_the_category( $post_id )[0]->name .'</p>'; ?>
    <?php  echo esc_html( $post_id[0]->name );   ?>

    None work…..

    Anyone got any ideas, please?

  • You will need to get the term or you will need to return term objects from the field rather than ID.

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