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ACF Taxonomy Field Not Updating

  • Hello friends! I’m facing an odd problem.

    I have a custom post type (“Directory”) with a custom taxonomy (“Teaching Area”). Running ACF 5.12.3, updates to the taxonomy won’t go through – the page says it updates, but “update” box freezes, and the changes aren’t saved.

    HOWEVER, running identical plugins/themes/database on my dev environment (just overwrote the dev database today with the prod database), updates still work. I can’t fathom what’s going on.

    I might have narrowed it down a little, or this might be a red herring. Using the network analyzer, I can see the dev server sends a POST request to admin-ajax.php with the appropriate fields that looks like this:

     action	"acf/ajax/check_screen"
     screen	"post"
     exists[]	"group_5e8760d16c339"
     post_id	"42955"
     post_type	"directory-entry"
     page_template	""
     page_type	"parent"
     post_terms[directory_category][]	"11"
     post_terms[teaching_area] {[
       0	  "170"
       1	  "168"

    The prod server DOES NOT send such a request. I cannot think of any reason that could possibly be. I thought it might be a firewall/Wordfence issue, but I’m not seeing anything there.

    Color me baffled. I’m not expecting anybody to be able to help with this, but I’m posting this to cover my *** with my boss. 😛 Any ideas?

  • Have you tried using ‘Query Monitor’ plugin and also, is modsecurity on?

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