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ACF stops displaying fields after 10

  • I’ve got a page here: it’s showing the 10 most recent portfolio items but I have 23 published. I’ve tried deactivating the theme, all plugins, etc. all the standard fixes and nothing seems to help. The error log just has this line over and over:

    [30-Dec-2014 04:05:02] calling Plugin Construct
    [30-Dec-2014 04:05:02] Version: 4.3.9
    [30-Dec-2014 04:05:02] result: 1
    [30-Dec-2014 04:05:02] register as acf v4

    Just can’t figure out why it just stops after showing 10. I even tried creating a new field group and it does the same thing.

    WordPress 4.1
    ACF 4.3.9

  • Sounds like this wouldn’t be due to ACF, but due to WordPress pagination limits. These settings are controlled on the admin dashboard under Settings > Reading, “Blog Pages So at Most # Posts” input.

  • Duh! Wow I feel like a dunce but thanks—that worked!

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