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ACF Showcase

  • Hi there – I don’t know if this has been discussed at all, but I think it would be really cool and helpful if there was a showcase-type section on this site that showed real-world examples of how we are actually using ACF.

    I know there are developers out there doing REALLY cool things with ACF, and it would be so interesting to see the ways others are implementing ACF on their projects. The plugin is so flexible, and there are so many ways utilize it, so seeing what others are doing could spark new ideas for all of us.

    This could kindof work as a forum thread thing, but I think it would get more traction/exposure if it was a part of the ACF site somehow.

    Just a thought, would love to see something like this someday! Anyone else?

  • Hi @erh,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I agree this would be a brilliant avenue to showcase various uses of the plugin.

    I will pitch the idea to the plugin author but as a workaround you could also browse through the topics in this community forum to gain some knowledge on how other developers are using the plugin.

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