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  • Why is the ACF/SAVE_POST action called 3 times when you update a post?

    I’m having issues with processing form data in my code, so I put a simple error_log(‘acf/save_post’); at the beginning of my function to make sure it was being called.

    Not only was it being called, but it was called 3 times every time I click the “Update” button in WordPress to update the post.

    I tried using get_current_screen() to see under what context it’s called, but the first time it’s called, WordPress isn’t fully set up yet and the get_current_screen() function doesn’t exist.

  • Hmm, I spun up a blank site and acf/save_post is only called once.

    So, how do I track down the other culprits?

  • debug_backtrace() was my friend… Figured it out.

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